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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Matthew 6:10a

Your kingdom come.
Matthew 6:10a

This is the second request in the Lord's Prayer that Jesus taught His disciples in the Sermon on the Mount. The kingdom is mentioned over 100 times in the gospels alone, and this should bear witness to the importance of the kingdom in the teachings of Jesus.

When we pray for the kingdom of God to come, I believe we are praying that Jesus might reign as King, that the message of His kingdom would be proclaimed, and that the culmination of the kingdom of God would come once His message has been preached to all the peoples of the earth.

God the Father is the High King of Glory, and we are His ambassadors. So you can pray that as His ambassador, you would reflect His glory and live in a manner that would draw people’s attention to the King and not to ourselves. Jesus also said that we should seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

One reason Jesus asked His disciples to pray first for the things that are highest on the Father's priority list—His glory, His kingdom, and His will—is that before coming to Him with our personal needs, we should always get the big picture in mind first, and that we would see them in the context of eternity and God’s grand scheme of things. So let us pray for His kingdom to come.

Tom Day



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