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Sunday, June 17, 2018

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Christmas Eve Service 2016
Posted: 12/30/2016

Pastor Jack’s message of the “Son is Sent” from Galatians 4:4 was the highlight of Morningstar Christian Chapel’s Christmas Eve services. He spoke of God’s ultimate plan to send Jesus, the right person, at the right time in the right place “when the fullness of time had come.”

His message followed an energetic performance from the Children’s Choir and Performers, accompanied by the Adult Band. The performance from the kids, put together by Cyndee Esparza, told the Christmas story in a variety of songs.

Over a thousand people attended the two services that Saturday night and many also attended the three Sunday Christmas services in which Pastor Jack completed his message in Galatians 4. We hope you were blessed by the holiday services, check out a small clip of our Christmas Eve service below.

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Morningstar Family Christmas Dinner
Posted: 12/13/2016

Our annual Family Christmas Dinner held at the Spur's Chophouse inside Knott's Berry Farm was a wonderful evening of celebrating the Coming of our Lord and fellowshipping with the family. 

Pastor Bill Welsh from Refuge Calvary Chapel blessed with some cheerful Christmas songs getting the whole crowd singing along with him. We were also blessed with a special Christmas message from Pastor Jason Witt as he spoke on John 10:10 where Jesus say's that He came to give life, and that much more abundant. 

God surely blessed us with a night of great food, good laughs, and an awesome Savior. Joy to the World the Lord has Come! 

Family Christmas Dinner Family Christmas Dinner

Family Christmas Dinner

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Block Party 2016
Posted: 11/17/2016

Morningstar’s second annual Block Party was a great success, with top-notch entertainment, fun games and activities for the kids, and delicious food. It also fulfilled its goal of reaching the lost, as many came to the Prayer Booth for prayer and to give their lives to Jesus. Over 100 people from the body helped in setting up and running the event.

Block Party 2016

Magician Joshua Jordan dazzled the crowd with two different acts involving a card trick and escaping from a strait jacket. Jordan compared being in a strait jacket to life before Jesus, when people are bound by the enemy. After having the strait jacket put on him by Pastor Jack, he used his amazing escape as an analogy of Jesus allowing us to escape from our sinful pasts. Jordan also walked among the crowd, doing close up magic for the people waiting in lines.

Other entertainment for the night included stuntman Marc Shaffer, teaching children how to do stunts; a drama group featuring people of all ages acting out a life given over to Christ; and a play featuring fifth-and-sixth graders doing a Christian version of Alice in Wonderland.

Block Party 2016

As always, there were a lot of games and a lot of candy for the kids as many forsook trick-or-treating to come to the church’s festival that night. The Block Party, formerly Alternative Night, has been done every October 31 for over 25 years.

Block Party 2016 Block Party 2016

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Costa Rica Missions Trip
Posted: 8/18/2016

Thank you all so much for your prayers for the Costa Rica Team.  We had 12 folks on the team and it was a good mix of Youth, Young Adults and Adults.  We arrived in Tamarindo, Costa Rica through a pretty good storm that rocked the airplane and made the drive from the airport a bit of a challenge but God saw us through and we got there safe and sound.

Costa Rica Missions

Our ministry began right away with a One-day Vacation Bible School for the Potter's Field Kids at Calvary Chapel Villarreal.  These are at risk and underprivileged kids that have been identified by the missionaries in the field.  Eddy and Cassandra Lopez were our hosts and they did a great job of keeping us busy and introducing us to the kids and their families.

Costa Rica Missions

A highlight for our team was when we went on a prayer walk.  This involves walking the dirt streets of Villarreal and praying over the homes we passed on the way.  We also had care packages for three Potter's Filed Kids families that we delivered on the walk.  We were able to meet these folks, hear their stories, and spend some time in prayer with them.  It was a very humbling and emotional time of ministry for the team.  We all walked away with a different perspective especially seeing the joy that is on these believer's faces in spite of the poverty they are in.

Costa Rica Missions

We also held another One-day VBS in the neighboring town of Llnito after we painted the facility and repaired the roof.  On Sunday afternoon we conducted a soccer outreach with the kids and youth from the community.  Probably the biggest challenge for some of us on the team was leading worship for the Wednesday Night service at CC Villarreal in Spanish.  We practiced the songs for weeks and the Lord certainly blessed the time we got to ministry to this precious body of believers.  I also got to teach the Bible Study that night with one of our team members translating.  It was a beautiful experience.

Costa Rica Missions Costa Rica Missions

We're all home safe now and all of us were touched by what the Lord did in us and through us in Costa Rica. Thanks again for praying and pray about joining us next time.

Gerard Deleeuw Missions Director

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2016 Summer Baptism at Newport Dunes
Posted: 8/18/2016

Then those who gladly received his word were baptized; and that day about three thousand souls were added to them.
Acts 2:41

On a beautiful day in Newport Beach, many Morningstar folks took a step of obedience getting baptized at the church’s annual Summer Baptism. It was a blessed time of fellowship and families as people of all ages, from six-years-old-to-teens-to-adults all followed Jesus’ guidance in showing the church body a public display of their faith in Christ. The festivities took place at Newport Dunes in Newport Beach on Saturday, August 13.

Before the actual baptisms took place, Pastor Jack gave a message on what baptism means. Some in the crowd responded to the messaged and gave their lives to Christ. Then, while worship music took place in the background, the crowd worked their way down to the beach to watch their church family be baptized by Pastor Jack. It was an awesome time for the hundreds who attended.

Mexico Missions Mexico Missions

Summer baptisms

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Samachique, Mexico Mission’s Trip
Posted: 6/28/2016

Thank you for your prayers for the team that traveled the 20-hour drive through the Copper Canyons to the small Tarahumara town of Samachique. Mexico Medical Missions has a well-built, well-staffed and well-equipped hospital there. We support Dr Bruce Daugherty who is one of their surgeons.

We had daily devotions with the hospital staff and had the opportunity to worship in Spanish and Tarahumara. The folks at the hospital are so loving, and giving, and a beautiful living example of service to the Lord.

Our team participated in two construction projects; 1.) Setting a concrete slab for a full service garage so they can maintain the emergency vehicles, and 2.) Putting up vinyl siding on one of the outbuildings. It was hard work but a blessing to be a part of what God is doing in Samachique.

Mexico Missions Mexico Missions

Mexico Missions

We also took a day to go to Pamachi, one of the outlying villages to visit with and minister to the Tarahumara children that live there. This village literally hangs on the edge of the Copper Canyons. We brought candy and of course the kids loved it.

Mexico Missions

On the day of our departure we were told that our team was the talk of town. People were amazed how much these old Americans worked. I think they expected us to burn out after the first day. Little did we know that by simply being diligent to the tasks in front of us, we would be a witness to the community. The missionaries were able to share with the town’s folk that we were a mission’s team and did our work for the glory of God.

It was a great trip, a great team, and a joy to serve together in Samachique.

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10th Annual Grow in Grace Conference
Posted: 5/19/2016

On Saturday, May 14th the ladies gathered with women from other local Calvary Chapels to spend the day in worship, with Shannon Quintana leading us. We were exhorted to persevere in maturity, prayer, trials, and waiting through the teaching of Sally Van Wick, Aimee Heard, and Debbie Abeelen. It was an amazing day of fellowship with over 200 ladies in attendance. Many hearts were encouraged and strengthened to boldly shine for Jesus in their daily lives.  

Grow in Grace 2016 Grow in Grace 2016

Grow in Grace 2016 Grow in Grace 2016

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SHINE: High School Youth Conference
Posted: 4/13/2016

High School Shine Conference

Saturday, May 7th is our annual HS Shine Conference! This year our focus will be our 'New Creation Identity' from 2 Cor. 5:17.  Focusing upon the 'Why, How, and Now' of our Identity, we will examine the creative intent of God, and fall (Genesis 1-3: Why?), the new birth (John 3:1-21: How?) and our New Creation Identity (2 Corinthians 5:17: Now!).   Students will learn to root their identity in Who God is, What He has done, and as a result of that, who we are, and therefore, what we now do.  

Cost is $20 for two meals and a T-shirt.  Students will get 3 Studies, a small group breakout, ample games and fellowship, and amazing worship and afterglow time.  

To sign-up, click here.

Shine 2015

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Easter 2016
Posted: 4/7/2016

Easter at CSUF Titan Stadium 

What an amazing Easter we experienced this year with thousands in attendance and many making a decision to follow our Risen Savior, Jesus Christ! The weather was great, the Gospel was preached powerfully through Pastor Jack, and the time in worship with Natalie Grant moved us all in acknowledging just How Great Thou Art! Thank you Lord for such an amazing spirit filled morning with the body of Christ and thank you for conquering sin and death in order that we may have life!

To view more pictures of our Easter service click here.

Beach Of Costa Rica

Beach Of Costa Rica

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News from ICM and Dan Finfrock
Posted: 10/6/2015

I had a great trip to Russia, Ireland and Florida.  All went well.  Thank you so much for your prayers.

I have two weeks at home before heading to Istanbul, Turkey on Oct. 19th.  I'll be involved in a couple conferences and will possibly do a seminar with Syrian and Iraqi refugees.  On the 26th I am taking a team into Iraq again.  Please lift this up as I do more IBS training with key pastors and leaders.  Pray for safety and good health.  Thanks and blessings - Dan  

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News from Mexicali
Posted: 10/6/2015

Brothers and sisters,
We want to thank the Lord for the blessing to be able to build up lives and for His provision to do the building for our new sanctuary.  God is So good and BIG.  Here are a couple of links.  One is to the building of the new sanctuary that we are building and another link showing the new group we are building up in the prison.  A group of elderly and sick.

God bless you all and thanks for your prayers

Juan Barillaro
Capilla del Calvario Mexicali

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2015 Ukraine Trip
Posted: 8/11/2015

L'viv, Ukraine Missions Trip:  July 20-28, 2015

Here is a recap of our trip:

Monday & Tuesday, July 20-21, 2015:
Our 3:30 PM flight out of LA was delayed slightly.  This didn't prove to be a problem in Paris as we were able to make our next connection. However, it wasn't enough time for our luggage and as we found out later it got hung up at the Charles de Gaul Airport.  On the next leg of our flight there was a young gal that was having some problems breathing.  They were attending to her and called for a doctor.  A lady walked back with a stethoscope, I'm not sure if she was a doctor or a nurse.  At any  rate the pilot eventually decided to make an emergency medical landing in Prague.  The paramedics came on board and attended to her, decided she was okay to continue traveling and then we waited 30 more minutes for new flight documents.  We were still able to make our next flight connection from Kiev to L'viv and our baggage...oh well.  With the distance of travel and the time difference, we arrived in L'viv at 9:20 PM on Tuesday.  Pastor Mike Pratt was there to greet us and take us to our Hostel (which was very nice by the way) and our luggage???

Wednesday, July 22, 2015:
We woke, had breakfast and devotions as a team at the Hostel and met there with Pastor Mike and his assistant Volodia for an orientation and planned itinerary for our stay.  Volodia was our constant guide through the week and he was a complete blessing to our team. By 11:00 AM we were on our way to our first outreach.  We took the public transport to the outskirts of town where these massive building complexes, left over from the communist time, now form a series of high-rise communities.  Our plan was to hold a mini VBS for the kids in this community.  By 1:00 PM all was set up and ready to go and the kids (who were invited by flyers days before) started to arrive.  (On a side note the worst part of not having our luggage was that all of our ministry materials for the VBS were in them so we had to improvise which worked just as fine.)  I asked Pastor Mike how many kids he expected for the afternoon and he thought about 50 or 60 would show up.  All said and done we had close to 150 kids there.  

We presented a bible reading (in Ukrainian) and skit of the "Good Samaritan", picked some kids to play our parts, and then sent them off to their various stations of: Bible story, Games, Snacks, and Crafts.  We had plenty of help from the church and each station had a translator.  It went great and we were able to show the love of Jesus and share the gospel with these precious kids.  When all was done we tore down and packed up and took the transport back to city center.  It had been a hot day so we were all burnt and tired and our luggage had still not arrived.   The Lord taught all of us what it is to be dependent on Him through this trail.  It really wasn't bad we just wished we had the ministry materials.  We all slept well that night.

Thursday, July 23, 2015:
After breakfast and devotions we met up with Volodia for day two of our Kids Outreach.  Side note: the transport busses all have AC but none of the drivers believe in actually turning it on so our team got a good taste of the stifling conditions the people of L'viv experience on a daily basis. We headed back to the same area and got set up.  We thought there might be a good number of kids since the word might have gotten around.  There were about 100 kids on the second day and only a few were repeaters.  They also ran a Quest event for the teenagers and about 40 showed up for that.  The event again went well and even when we had about 10 minutes of rain we simply ducked under a tree for a bit and then continued with the event. The kids were all very attentive and respectful.  They loved the activities and the Young Adults from the church that shared the Bible story said many kids asked good questions and showed evidence of open hearts to God's love.

That evening we were scheduled to go to the church (Horizon Christian Fellowship of L'viv) for their English club.  It was a blast.  Joshua, Pastor Mike's son-in-law runs this ministry and a number of young people that come are not saved.  So we had a chance to share the gospel.  We performed our skit in English, had them play our roles and then picked two words for vocabulary from the story.  I chose "compassion" and "neighbor" from the Good Samaritan story and it facilitated some good conversation about what it is to have compassion and be neighborly.   The group was very receptive and after we finished Joshua shared a bit about following Jesus.  Then we played some team building games together.  The one rule was that all communication was to be in English.  We played the human knot and electricity.  It was a lot of fun and we were able to use our English to help them practice and have great fellowship. (Still no luggage...)

Friday, July 24, 2015:
The 18 passenger bus we hired for the day picked us up at 6:30 AM and we were off for a 3 1/2 hour drive up the Carpathian Mountains to a town called Mukachovo. The drive there was breathtaking as we wound our way up the mountains to this plateau city.  On the outskirts of town there is one of five gypsy villages.  We met up with Marilyn Gibbs  who has been ministering there for a number of years.  When we arrived at the village the kids were there to greet us.  I think this is where God got a hold of many of our hearts and broke them.  The kids live in extremely poor conditions, and have very little or no education, but because of the efforts of the local village pastor and Marilyn these little one obviously love the Lord.   Their immediate acceptance of us was humbling.  They started with hand shakes and high fives but were soon clinging to us, hugging us, and holding hands.  It was a precious time.  We did our VBS for them.  They watched the skit which was now being translated into Hungarian.  When it was their turn to participate and play the parts they did so with great enthusiasm.  At one point the Good Samaritan is supposed to come in with his donkey and both kids got on their hands and knees to play the donkey part.  Everyone cracked up.  We taught them how to play, which, once they caught on they had a blast with.  At one point in the Bible story time one of the kids picked up a guitar that only had 5 strings on it and began to spontaneously lead worship.  The kids sang with no hesitation and it was a blessing to hear these little ones with no material hinderances lift their voices to Jesus.  When all was finished we said our long good-byes and got back into the bus.  The kids followed after us as long as they could and I know we all left a piece of ourselves there.  I told the team as we left, "I think that was more for us then it was for them."  May the Lord have His hand of love over these precious little ones.

Saturday, July 25, 2015:
After a quick run to the Airport to pick up our luggage (YES IT FINALLY ARRIVED) we had the privileged of joining the church for their Church Picnic and Baptism.  This turned out to be a great, informal, way to meet a good majority of the folks that call Horizon Christian Fellowship their home.  L'viv is a University town so it stands to reason that the church is a young one.  Most of them are 30 years old or younger with a handful of older families.  It was interesting for me to see our team start out by clustering together and then little by little we scattered into various groups and conversations with the folks from the church.  Many of them understand and can even speak English so it didn't seem that the language barrier was a factor.  At one point Pastor Mike called everyone over and we all made our way to the lakeside where he gave a great little study on baptism about being dead to self and alive in Christ.  They had 5 people get baptized and it really blessed all of us to see the sincerity and simplicity of these young people in their obedience to the Lord.  Family and church members were waiting on the shore to give hugs and flowers to those being baptized.  Then it was back to the picnic area for hotdogs and side dishes and some of the most juicy and sweet fruit I have ever had.  

The day ended far too quickly but it was time to get back to the city for the church's Saturday Night Coffee Koinonia.  They had the sanctuary set up with tables and special lighting and the coffee flowed freely.  Sasha, one of the brothers lead some worship and one of our team members, Pastor Andrew McLarty from CC Port Angeles, WA gave a Bible study.  We hung out for a good while afterward before heading back to the Hostel for a good nights sleep and prep for Sunday Service.

Sunday, July 26, 2015:
Vitalic, one of the young men from Horizon, was there in the morning to guide us by tram and a 5 minute walk to the church.  As we walked we had the first strong rain storm of the trip.  We all got a bit wet but with the hot weather and humidity you really don't mind much.  The Church Service was a blessing for us as team.  We got to meet any folks we hadn't yet in the other events.  Since this is a college town a lot of the student that attend the church go home for the summer so their numbers are usually a bit lower but they still had about 50 people there.  They just moved into this new facility last May and they are already out growing it.  Pastor Mike is talking about going to two services on Sunday morning in the fall.  I had the humbling opportunity to teach the message that morning.  It's always interesting working with an interpreter.  Volodia translated for me and we had already been together all week so it went a smoothly as it can.  At one spot in the message I got a bit excited about a point I was making and completely left Volodia in the dust.  I forgot to pause for his translation but he took a big breath and translated the whole paragraph.  I had a number of folks come up after the service to thank me for the message.  One brother told me the passage I taught (Mark 9:14-29) was one of his life passages, he had read it many times but had never heard it explained that way before.  To God be the glory. I'm just blessed that God's Word got out and between me and Vova we were able to communicate His love to the people.  

After church we hung out for fellowship and then met Mike and his family for lunch.  We all fell in love with the food in Ukraine, there's a lot of flavors we're not used to but it's all good.  My favorite was the vareniki which is a boiled dumpling stuffed with mashed potatoes or meat or even fruit and then covered in various sauces or sour cream.  Borsht is also at the top of the list which is a beet based soup.  After our late lunch we met up with a couple ladies from the church who took us around the city center for a tour and some souvenir shopping, and then we turned in for the night.

Monday, July 27, 2015:
We had planned to go to an orphanage today but we learned that the kids had been sent out to a summer camp so we took transport out to the community where we had the fist two outreaches and met with a gal from the church who works at an English learning pre-school daycare.  There were 5 and 6 year old girls there and we spent some time with them, walking to the park, playing games, singing songs.  It was fun for us and these little ones were so cute as they practiced their English.  Afterward we walked back to the facility and Kelsey, one of our team members, read the girls the story of creation.  

That afternoon we met up with Pastor Mike and his wife Michelle and their son Alex for a late lunch and to debrief about the trip.  We ate at a restaurant that is built like an old WWI bunker.  It was quit interesting with a lot of history and stories about the war.  At one point we were serenaded by and singer and accordion player.  That really helped to bring in the atmosphere.  We began our good-byes then and they lasted into the next day.  We have all made good and instant relationships here and I believe God used us to minister to the church as much as He used us to minister to the community.  Pastor Mike said there are those teams that come that he calls super teams and others that you hope don't come back, they're more work then help.  He labeled us as one of his supper teams and hopes we will all come back soon.  Volodia told us that he has organized three teams since he came on staff last October and we were his favorite.  I told him he probably says that to all the teams.  Either way we were blessed.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015:
Travel day:  Pastor Mike picked us up at 9:00 AM for our 12:20 PM flight.  We flew home from L'viv to Munich, Munich to Washington DC, and from there to LA.  The flights home were long but pleasantly uneventful and low and behold... when we arrived at LAX so did our luggage.  I know I speak for the rest of the team when I say thank you for your prayers as you built a bridge of support across the continents to the opportunities of ministry we had in Ukraine.  We will definitely go back there soon and would love to have you join us.

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News from Dan Finfrock
Posted: 1/27/2015

Greetings!  I am on my way to Nepal this Tuesday, Jan. 27th - Feb. 7.  I will be teaching my IBS course at a Calvary Chapel Bible School in Kathmandu, Nepal.  Please keep me in your prayers for safety and good health.  Would you also keep my wife in your prayers as she is fighting some infections.  Thanks so much.  Blessings - Dan

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Update from Hermosillo, Mexico
Posted: 10/8/2014

Thank you all for praying us through a very crazy week. The kids who were sick last week are better. Baby girl survived the surprise measles episode as well as Pedro's two sick kids over the weekend. Pedro is back for two days to take care of some business/ Zoila is still with her mother. We will continue to stay at the children's home helping Pedro and then solo again Thursday as he will go back with his terminal father. Of course I use the word solo loosely as the Lord sent many cooks last week to help out which weren't even requested. We have a little one who just started a high fever and of course are on measles watch to see if any others will turn up. The two kids who had minor surgery are doing well and we are so grateful to the Lord for His provision. Please continue to pray for us all as we are all pretty worn out. Pedro and Zoila are on daily hospital duty and when they are not they are running around buying meds and such.
In His grip,
Lilia, Jeff and Co.

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Prayer Requests from Dan Finfrock and Intensive Care Ministries
Posted: 9/18/2014

I am off to another new land on Monday.  I leave for the Dominican Republic for my first ever IBS seminar.  I would really appreciate your prayers as I conduct a four day seminar for a good size group of pastors.  I'm excited to see what God will do and your prayers are once again a vital need.  Thanks a bunch!  Blessings - Dan

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Prayer Requests from Dan Finfrock and Intensive Care Ministries
Posted: 8/19/2014

Greetings!  I and my team will be heading to Myanmar (Burma) on Sunday, August 24th and will be there till Aug. 31.  Please keep us in your prayers as we conduct the IBS seminar at the Independent Methodist Church in Yangon.
1. Pray for the key leaders to attend.
2. Pray for an open door for more training.  We have a number of contacts we are making while there and want to set up more training with pastors and leaders.
3. Pray for safety and good health of my team, Pastor John Chubik, Tom McCutcheon and myself.
4. From Myanmar we will go to Hong Kong for the Calvary Chapel conference
Sept. 1-4.  Pray for John and I as we will both be speaking.

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News from Oxford, England
Posted: 8/14/2014

Oxford, England August 2014
For great is his steadfast love toward us,
and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever.
Praise the Lord! Psalm 117:2
In our August JOY Place service we continued with the Lord’s Prayer.
....Forgive us our sins as we forgive
Those who sin against us. Matthew 6:12
As a visual illustration, I was bound up with some yarn. With one strand around my legs, I
could easily break free, but sitting there and having the yarn wrapped around and around
and around my legs, I became bound. I was trapped and could not get free. That is what
sin can do. We talked about how important it is, when we realise we have sinned, that we
go to the Lord and ask forgiveness. If we just let sin grow and ignore it, it will bind us, beat
us down, chew us up and spit us out. We talked about how important it is to turn to Jesus
and say “Sorry.” To give our lives to Jesus and allow Him to break the binding from us and
set us free. He forgives and He restores. Then we went on to talk about how wonderful
God is to forgive us and so we should forgive others.

Click on Chuck & Anita Saunders newsletter to read

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Latest News from The Barillaros
Posted: 8/4/2014

News from the Barillaro family in Mexicali, Mexico.  Keep them in your prayers.

Notice:  We are having a Mission's Fellowship on Saturday, August 16, 2014 at 7:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall.  If you are in the area stop by.  Our special guests will be Jeff and Lilia Roenspie from Hermosillo, Mexico.  It'll be a great way to get to know them better and hear what life is like on the mission field.  It's a dessert potluck, so plan to join us.

Mission Mexicali
The Barillaros
July 2014
   We just wanted to send a note of greetings to you all.  May you rejoice and pray with us over the following:
Praise Reports:
--Dawn’s feet are healing well.  Even though her bones bent the pins in her feet necessitating another visit in the operating room to get them out, she is doing well and walking a bit on strange-looking platform shoes.
--The enclosed soccer field project has finally been completed—we are relating a bit to Noah and the ark in that the project took about 100 years to build and looks big enough to fit two of every species of animal.
Prayer Requests:
--John and Brandi’s health
--Construction of new sanctuary (due to new government personnel and regulations, Mexicali is presently in a
--Family Camp (August 7-9)
--Evangelistic Outreach in the neighboring community of Mision de Angel (23 de agosto)
--School of Worship (training classes to prepare for the school will begin in September)
Thank you for your prayers and partnership in the ministry here.  Blessings to you all.
The Barillaros

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News from the Roenspie's
Posted: 6/18/2014

Hello all! We wanted to ask for your continued prayer as we head to the Philippines. We are so excited about God's provision and all the open doors for ministry while there. We leave for Manila tomorrow night and arrive on Thursday June 19. Please pray for
- traveling mercies, esp. for the jet lag!
- incredible doors of ministry that have opened. We'll be teaching at the Bible College,  local churches on the Sundays and Wed we are there, and doing student and staff devotionals. There is an opportunity to conduct a literacy workshop as well with rural pastors, and we will be meeting with former students to see how we can best adapt our school of ministry in Mexico to actual needs of people now in ministry.
- Gabe's understanding. This is his first trip back in 11 years, and we are praying it will answer a lot of personal questions he has about his beginnings. Pray for our sensitivity and a time of ministry to one another as family.
- pray for the transition of Rainbow Village ministries. This ministry was so dear to our hearts and important in our start as missionaries. As it closes and the staff transitions, pray that we can encourage them. Lilia is especially hoping to reconnect with a lot of the women that she worked with discipled, and in some cases, introduced to the Lord.
Again, thanks to all of you who prayed for this opportunity. We have asked the Lord for years for a chance to go back, and it seems this is His timing.
Once we are back in California and Nevada, the Lord has opened so many doors to share at churches and fellowships. We are hopeful that we can share the vision of our ministry in a lot of new areas while connecting again with people who have partnered with us in this work.
God bless you...Dios les bendiga... Ang Dios magapanalangin kaninyo (that's Cebuano!)
Jeff, Lilia and Gabe

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News from Pastor Dan Finfrock
Posted: 6/9/2014

Greetings!  I will be heading out for my first trip of the year to Cuenca, Ecuador, on Monday, June 9th.  I’ll be doing a 3 day seminar at Calvary Chapel Cuenca.  They are inviting pastors and leaders from the area so were expecting a good hungry group.  Please keep them in your prayers and for my safety and health as I travel.  I’m excited to see what God will do.  Thanks for praying and blessings! – Pastor Dan

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Thank you for praying for our team to Hermosillo, Mexico
Posted: 6/3/2014

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Thanks you for your prayers for the Hermosillo team, here is a recap of our trip:

Thursday, May 15, 2014: Got to the border about 8:30 AM, The customs officer decided to give us some hoops to jump through like translating our trailer inventory into Spanish and then getting our return inventory (tools and outreach supplies) notarized and approved.  Then after several hours back and forth we still got to pay a stiff customs tax and we were on our way.  God's hand was definitely on us because at one point it looked like we might be turned away or would not be able to take in the trailer which was full of supplies and gifts for the kids at Casa Hogar de Gracia and the outreaches we had planned.  We finally arrived in Hermosillo early evening and went straight to the Children's Home in San Pedro where we were meet with a joyful reception.  The kids were thrilled to see us.  Jeff, Lilia, and Gabriel Roenspie our supported missionaries were also there to meet us.  It was so good to see them again.  After a dinner together we drove the 20 minutes to the city proper to the Church where we would stay.  They have dorm style rooms with soft beds and good air conditioning which was a real blessing at the end of our long traveling day.

Friday, May 16, 2014:  Up for breakfast and off to the Children's Home for a day of work projects (electrical, painting and building a shade cover for the laundry area).  To clarify these kids are not true orphans but children at risk.  They have been taken out of their homes for various reasons and some see their parents now and then while others don't.  Pedro and Zoila, the directors, have done a wonderful job of giving these kids a solid foundation in Christ.  The kids are so loving and respectful that you would hardly believe the type of backgrounds they came out of.  In the evening Tom and Beth Day went to speak at the Couple's Fellowship at CC Hermosillo (they did a great job) and the rest of the team enjoyed a movie night with the kids at the Home.  We projected the movie on a big sheet attached to the side of our van.  It was great.  We brought Frozen and played it in Spanish.  The kids already knew all the songs, it was so cute to hear them all singing.

Saturday, May 17, 2014: In the morning we ran our first Kid's Club Outreach at Privadas de Real.  We ran it like a mini VBS with four stations and four groups of kids according to their age.  We presented the Good Samaritan as our theme.  Beth Day read the story in Spanish first, then our team acted it out and then we picked kids from the audience to act it out again.  So by the time they went to their stations they had heard the story three times.  About 30 kids from the neighborhood showed us and they all had a good time.  Did I mention how hot it was? We were told at one point it was 44 degrees which doesn't sound too bad until you realize that's Centigrade and in Fahrenheit it translates to about 111 degrees.  But it's a dry heat...  We then met up with the kids from Casa Hogar and drove to the coast to a fishing town called Kino.  We spent some time with the kids at the beach; swimming, playing soccer, and throwing Frisbees.  We ended the day with a fish taco dinner that was hosted by the Pastor of Calvary Chapel Kino and his family .  With Jeff translating for me I got to have a wonderful conversation with Pastor Roberto as he shared his vision for their church in this small community.  It was such a blessing to hear how God is moving among this fellowship and leading them to reach out beyond their four walls.  Pastor Roberto is a truly humble and genuine man and he clearly loves the sheep God has put in his care.

Sunday, May 18, 2014: Time for church.  Being able to cook our own breakfasts was a nice way for us to serve one another and it's always a blessing to see how individuals jump in and help.   Food is always a good team builder.  After breakfast we loaded up in the van and headed off to Jeff and Lilia's house for a short time of fellowship and then off to church service at Amor Fraternal (CC Hermosillo).  It never ceases to amaze how sweet the fellowship can be even with a language barrier.  These folks were so welcoming.  The worship was great and again transcended the language barrier.  Tom Day gave a message with Luis (a brother from the church) translating.  He taught on the first 2 verses of Isaiah 55 and did a remarkable job.  After church we headed back to San Pedro and the Children's Home for lunch and to get ready for our second Outreach this time at the Invasion.  That’s the term that is used for squatters that literally invade a piece of land and eventually, if they aren’t kicked out, it turns into a village.  The people there are very poor and it was a blessing to bring a VBS type of ministry to the kids. It broke my heart to see 13, 14, and 15 year old girls carrying little babies on their hips, and some were even pregnant with the second child.  Oh how they need Jesus.  The government stops supporting these kids at age 14 with medical assistance, etc....  They are on their own, so they go out and get married or a least pregnant so the support will start up again.  It's a terrible cycle and these kids miss out on any further education as they are plunged into parenting and it's all socially acceptable.  We got to pray with several of these young mommas.

Monday, May 19, 2014:  In the morning we went back to the Casa Hogar de Gracia to work further on the projects we started.  In the afternoon we took an hour drive toward the coast to a town called Calle 12.  Calle is Spanish for street and it sits on the 12 kilometer marker so that's what they named the town.  Here we conducted our third mini VBS at a small church in the community which had invited kids from the neighborhood to attend.  Around 35 kids were there and we took them through the Good Samaritan story.  One of the stations was Bible application where Lilia and Beth Day explained to the kids the importance of having Jesus in our hearts so we can be good neighbors.  Many of the kids responded and ask Jesus into their life.  

Tuesday, May 20, 2014: This was a day off of school for the kids at Casa Hogar so they had a play day while we finished up our work projects.  Steve Fisher put the last few touches on the electrical work (bringing power and lighting to two new rooms) and we put a good thick coat of paint on the walls in the new room that will eventually be a study room for the kids. Several of the team members painted a couple signs that will go us at Amor Fraternal.  Tuesday evening I had the opportunity and privilege to teach at the School of Ministry.  Thank you for your prayers, the class went great.  We talked about missions and what it is to be a sending church. There were 9 students and other folks from the church had been invited to come as well.  Luis translated for me.  He does a remarkable job. At one point I said a word in Spanish because I happen to know it and he turned around and translated it into English with out missing a beat.   The students had lots of questions about missions and Luis translated them for me.  As they were asking the questions he was feeding me the English simultaneously.  It was a great exchange.  This church (Amor Fraternal/ CC Hermosillo) is getting ready to send out their first missionaries.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014:  After spending our final morning with the kids we prepped for our outreach to the Homeless/Convalescent Shelter. Here very often when people are hospitalized for serious things all their funds and even their homes are used to pay for the services.  When they are released from the hospital they have no place to go so these shelters take them in.  We had a sweet and very humbling time of ministry as we sang songs, provided a meal, and prayed with many of the patients / residents.  The Lord’s hand was with us through the language barrier once again and our hearts broke as we had the opportunity to minister to these sweet and delicate people.  We ended the day by driving up to Cerro de Campana, a hill outside of Hermosillo that overlooks the entire city.  By now it was night and the city just glistened in the hot evening air.  We took some time to pray and reflect on the things the Lord had done in and through us in the last week.  

Thursday, May 22, 2014:  Last Breakfast was spent with the kids and Casa Hogar de Gracia.  We made french toast for everyone, loaded up the trailer with the remaining tools and supplies we were taking home, said good bye and were on our way.  We spent a lot of time with the kids at Casa Hogar this trip and you get real attach very quickly.  Many of the older girls wrote us notes of thank you and there were many hugs and Jesus smiles as we pulled away.  May the Lord watch over these precious little ones as they grow in His love.  We arrived back in Whittier around 1:30 AM on Friday, May 23rd.  All in all a wonderful and blessed trip.  I know our team was blessed, used, stretched, humbled, and grateful to be tools in the hands of our living Lord.  Maybe you can join us on our next trip.

Thanks again for your prayers.

Gerard Deleeuw
Missions Director

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Urgent Prayer Request from Dan Finfrock
Posted: 5/7/2014

Greetings!  I would like to ask you to pray for our South American Director Carlos Casco.  He is in Hawaii and about to undergo major heart bypass surgery this morning at 8am Hawaiian time.  Thanks – Dan

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News from Pastor Dan Finfrock via his ICM African Director
Posted: 4/24/2014

Greetings!  Here is a email I just received from my African director Troy Gnuschke doing our seminar training in Uganda right now.  Please lift them up in prayer.  Thanks much – Dan
  "and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also." 2 Timothy 2:2
Greetings and grace.
The verse above comes to my mind every time I think about our current group of pastor / students in Uganda.  This has been very a difficult and fallow ground breaking in Uganda here as we follow the Lord's leading ICM to build a faithful IBS team to reach this nation.  We have met numerous challenges which, at times and over the years, have totally inhibited the ministries growth if not totally derailed the efforts completely.
When we took up this mantle to build a more responsible and sustainable IBS ministry in East Africa, and Uganda in particular, it seemed to be an almost immovable mountain.  However, we are just days away from what will most definitely be the breakthrough we have been praying for.  Our student / pastors will graduate the program and begin the task of reaching Uganda with systematic Bible village and one church at a time.
What has been the key?  Faithful men who are called and thus able to teach others.  The Lord chose His pastors and delivered them to us, and now He will take them to places we never dreamed of reaching.
We are currently through the Major Prophets and have passed through the beginning of the Minor Prophets Hosea and Joel.  In addition, we are taking them through an exposition of Jesus' Revelation and have up to now reached Chapter 10.  Not one of the dear brothers has ever heard the OT Prophets as well as Revelation taught through in their completion.  To see their eagerness and reactions to God's Word is indescribable.  It is an honor to stand and deliver this message to them.
We will graduate next Tuesday.  We will have a special meal for them, a bottle of soda and The Bethel Center has agreed to loan us caps and gowns for our graduates!  I am keeping this as a surprise for them.
Please pray for these brothers as well as for me as we navigate the Scriptures and impart ICM's God-given vision to reach the nations with His Holy Word.
 Some years ago, we had a pastor from the Democratic Republic of Congo in some of our extended Level 3 pastor training.  He had to miss the last sessions and therefore missed out on being certified.  He has returned to us and is finishing his training and has expressed a genuine interest in starting to reach the DRC with IBS and systematic Bible studies.
His name is Jean Paul Aruna and he is a seasoned pastor and has been for many years in the DRC.
As you may or may not know, the DRC is one of the last great "frontiers" left in the world today.  Very rural and extremely unstable politically, it poses it's own unique ministry challenges.  We are seeing that Jean Paul has a sincere interest in reaching pastors and their churches with IBS.  I believe that this "extra" blessing is going to bear fruit in an area that is widely unreached.
So not are we only going to be setting an IBS team loose in Uganda, it appears as if we are seeing a new and viable outreach ready to blossom in the DRC!
Please pray for us as well as be as excited about this as we are!
Blessings!  - Troy

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Pastor John Barillaro and the church in Mexicali
Posted: 4/17/2014

Brothers and sisters,
Please pray for our building planes.  Yesterday, Wednesday after 6 mouths of dealing with the new laws, new government and changes here in Mexicali,  we believe we have complied with everything needed to build, (all though there always seems to be something else…)  we  submitted planes to the city to build our new church building.   Supposedly we should have permission to build in a couple of weeks.  Please pray for those overseeing in the building department here in Mexicali.
God Bless
Juan B.

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Prayer request from Dan Finfrock
Posted: 1/22/2014

Would you all keep a dear missionary friend Tom Randall in the Philippines in your prayers.  He was arrested and put into jail recently for several trumped up charges.  He and his wife have a beautiful orphanage in Manila and some key government officials have tried several times to bribe him.  It’s really sad the corruption in the government.  They also removed all the children out of the orphanage. Thanks for your prayers. – Dan
PS Troy arrived safely in Tanzania and is physically doing well.  Thanks for your prayers for him.  Please continue to pray for the training that started today.

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Dan Finfrock at Intensive Care Ministries
Posted: 1/20/2014

Greetings to all!  It’s a new year and we know God is at work!  Would you please pray for my assistant, Troy Gnuschke, who is heading out to Africa for seminars.  He will be doing two ten day trainings in our Level 3 program. One in Tanzania and the other in Uganda. This level 3 is broken into three ten days cycles where we bring a small number of key pastors into a conference center and train them in Old and New Testament overviews and go through three book studies in which each participant has to outline and chart.  They then must prepare a sermon everyday and never know when they will be called on to preach text.  They are critiqued each time.  After preaching several times, they really begin to understand how to teach through a text systematically.  Many of the pastors who have gone through this training have told us they will never preach the way they used to again!  So please lift up Troy as he leaves on Monday.  He currently is ill and needs a quick recovery.  Thanks – Dan
PS I was suppose to be in India for the next two weeks doing conferences, but the Indian consulate denied my visa application we think because I had been in Pakistan recently and the two don’t get along.

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Dan Finfrock's trip to Haiti
Posted: 12/5/2013

Greetings from Haiti! We just finished our second day of our seminar. The 60 plus pastors are going through our level 2 IBS seminar where we teach them how to prepare expository sermons. We have been walking them through the steps and Troy and I are beginning to see some fruit from our labors. After taking them through the steps we then preach the text we were working on. I wish you could see the faces of the pastors as they experience the power of this kind of teaching!  Thanks for praying. We finish up on Weds with them and the following 2 days we will take just a few 6-8 pastors and teach them how to teach our level 1 IBS. WE SO APPRECIATE AND FEEL YOUR PRAYERS!  Blessings- Dan

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Prayer request for the Barillaro's
Posted: 11/25/2013

Here are some things that we can be in prayer for the next few weeks for the Barillaro family in Mexicali, Mexico:

Prison Ministry:
Favor with the new prison director.  We have enjoyed incredible favor with the previous director who God used to give us so many opportunities to share the Gospel in the prison throughout the last few years of his term.
 Things look to be changing somewhat—we have several events scheduled that were basically cleared but the new director is putting down some different stipulations, we ask for prayer for God to open the doors He desires us to go through.
Brandi and Guillermo:
  Our daughter Brandi will be getting married on November 30 to Guillermo Camacho, who is presently on staff here at CCMexicali.  Pray that God will use their wedding service to touch the many who will come who yet do not know the Lord and to touch those who do as well.  Pray also for their future marriage as they serve the Lord together, they have already begun to serve together with the youth.
Church Sanctuary:
  Pray for direction and provision to build our church building.  We have completed the demolition of all the buildings on the church property and are just about down with all of the paperwork in order to be able to start building.
December 14 Outreach:
  Pray for the Christmas outreach we will be doing with  CCCV
CC Hongo:
  Pray for Juan Carlos and his family as they celebrate their 6th year anniversary in Hongo—pray for their family, their church plant and their prison ministry in Hongo and in Tijuana.  Pray for their daughter, Karla, who is living here with us while she attends college.
  CC  Zona  Centro: 
   Pray for Pedro who is running the ministry in downtown Mexicali, right in the heart of the red  zone district.  Pray for the services being held there Sunday and Tuesday evenings.
Casa de Tesoros:
  Pray for this Home for needy families—the holiday season is always a difficult time for these families.
God bless you.
Laurie Barillaro

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News from Dan Finfrock
Posted: 9/30/2013

Dear Friends,
I am off to Greece and Russia tomorrow.  I’ll be doing a 4 evening Inductive Bible study conference in Athens, Greece starting on Oct. 1st.  Pray for open minds and hearts.  Greece needs the Gospel that the Apostle Paul brought to it so long ago.  Pray for churches in Greece to teach the solid Word of God.
From Greece I’ll be going to Russia for one week to meet up with a number of ICM Russia team.  My director Igor Prokopyev and I will fly from Moscow to the Caucasus for our meetings. Pray for our retreat time as we encourage our Russian leadership to take the IBS all over Russia.  Prayer for safety and good health also.  Thanks and may He bless you abundantly.  - Dan

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Summer from Samachique
Posted: 7/22/2013

Dear All,
Summer in the Sierra Madres means the rainy season, and, thank God, we are getting the rains that we need.  The rains began several weeks early and have continued to be more than adequate for a good growing season.  This is, of course, mandatory if the crops of the Tarahumara are to be sufficient to prevent future malnutrition over the next year.  The addition to the hospital, expanding the pediatric ward, emergency room, and the new intensive care, is proceeding along towards completion in the fall.  The recent Eye Outreach was a complete success, with hundreds of patients seen in the Eye Clinic and 27 eye surgeries accomplished over the five day outreach.  Numerous patients, including several young people, who were completely blinded by cataracts left the hospital seeing and no longer totally dependent on family members to walk the treacherous terrain of the Sierras.  The new midwife, Lizzy, is settled in and becoming accustomed to the idiosyncrasies of Tarahumara birthing.  The presence of two midwives is providing the needed personnel to initiate our first regular peripheral midwife clinic beginning in August and continuing on a monthly basis in a nearby Tarahumara village.  The proposed educational study comparing instruction in Tarahumara versus Spanish should begin in September.  The Mexico Medical Mission aviation ministry, newly renamed Mexico Mission Aviation, has recently completed upgrades to the plane used for transports to Chihuahua improving ventilator and monitoring capabilities.  An attached article puts their incredible contribution to our patient outcomes in perspective.  Please check it out as well as their website and Facebook page.  Finally, we are grateful to God for relative quiet on the Cartel front.  Although "quiet" in Samachique was only purchased at the price of full time occupation by armed forces of the Sinaloa cartel, at least the frequent violence and killings like around Christmas have moved east of us.  As such, the provision of increasing levels of more sophisticated medical care as well as pastoral spiritual outreach to the Tarahumara proceeds forward under the blessings of God and the empowering prayers of you, our supporters.  Thank you for all of us.

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Latest From Hermasillo, Mexico- Pray for the Roenspie's!
Posted: 7/17/2013

Jeff and Lilia Roenspie are in the middle of their hot summer in Hermosillo, Mexico.  You can read all about it in their newsletter, which is attached. I'm sure that getting a note from you would facilitate some cool refreshment to their souls.  So reply to Jeff's e-mail address below and let them know that you are praying.
Gerard Deleeuw

Hello! We are attaching our latest prayer points bulletin. We so appreciate you standing with us in prayer. If you have any questions or need more details, let us know! Thanks in advance, and God bless you!
The Roenspies

Download the PDF Prayer List

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Watch The Revival of 1857 Video
Posted: 7/13/2013

On Wednesday Night July 10th, Pastor Jack showed a video of the great revival of 1857.  If you have not seen the video you can watch it here.  Please join us in prayer as we ask the Lord for revival in our great nation, and indeed the whole world, once again.

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Missions Update from Costa Rica
Posted: 7/10/2013

Here's a quick update from Allison Novikoff our short-term missionary in Costa Rica. It sounds like she's adjusting well and following the Lord's lead in terms of her purpose and ministry. The Calvary Chapel where she is stationed is in a small town just outside of Tamarindo, a coastal city. Please keep our sister in your prayers as she continues to follow the Lord's call on her life. May He keep her safe and healthy and use her in a mighty way.

Your fellow servant,

Gerard Deleeuw

Beach Of Costa Rica

I love it here! It isn't right on the beach like I thought but it is about 2 miles from the beach town called Tamarindo which is a popular surfer town. I've been there about every other day and I usually take the bus. The water is sooo warm to swim in and full of surfers. I sat down with Corey and pastor Phil yesterday and talked about my schedule here. Jessica and Tina are in this program called Potters Field. Potters field has centers in a few different countries including here and the programs are for kids where they can get help with homework, learn about God, eat dinner, do crafts, etc. Well the two girls got trained for three months in the US and then each trained person gets sent out to one of the centers to lead the Potters Field program for 6 months. So they have been here three months already and they have a set schedule every day and rules to follow. Corey and Pastor Phil told me that I can join along with them and help out but they encouraged me to go out on my own and evangelize and do whatever I feel God is calling me to do. So they told me that I don't really have any guidelines but to just allow God to stretch me this summer where ever He wants me and that I can use the kids program as a fall back plan. So I'm kind of getting the idea that God drew me over here because of the kids but I think He has a different plan for me.

I went into town today to make friends that I could eventually evangelize and I met this lady that owns a shop and I got to talk to her for about an hour and I plan to continue to talk to her. I'm also going to make some jewelry for her to sell at her store but I am going to give it to her for free but she has no idea about it. I also met an older couple today that I got to invite to church and I talked with them for a while and they want me to join them for dinner one day. So I think God has different plans for me. The pastor and everyone at the church is very nice and they are treating me very well. I've found 2 scorpions in my apartment so far, have a bunch of bites on my legs and haven't stopped sweating since I arrived here. I saw a few monkeys from a distances and saw many iguanas. The water was easy for me to drink here and I had no problems. Also the church services are outside which is my favorite part. Feel free to pass this email on to anyone and pray that God shows me exactly where He wants me.

Beach Of Costa Rica

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Thousand Pines Christian Camp Kids Retreat Praise Report
Posted: 7/3/2013

On June 28-30, the 4th-6th Graders and the Junior Highers spent some time playing paintball, swimming, and hearing Bible Studies at the Thousand Pines Christian Camp in Crestline, Calif. at the annual summer camp for the two groups.

Kids playing paint ball

The theme verse for the younger children was Hebrews 13:8, "Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever,” while the Junior High theme was from Colossians 3:23, "And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men."

MCC Thrift Store MCC Thrift Store

Saturday night, as always, was a time of Bible study and communion for the two groups, while Sunday morning gave the Children’s Ministry kids a chance to ask questions pertaining to the Bible, Jesus, and other spiritual issues.

As always, all of the attendees had a great time, so if your child is in 4th-8th grade next summer, pray about letting them attend.

Kids at the Malt Shop

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Latest News from Oxford, England
Posted: 7/1/2013

We had our summer last week here in Oxford. It was beautiful, but it seems to be gone today. Everyone is hoping the lovely, warm days will return soon. Last Monday Chuck flew to California and he is having a sweet time with the grandkids.

Our June JOY Place, the first service in our NEW location, was a huge success! Everyone found it easily and agreed the new venue is a great place for us to have our services.

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Update from the Short Term Missions - Mexico Trip
Posted: 5/15/2013

They will be leaving Mexico Thursday morning, returning back to Morningstar after dark. The group has gotten a lot of work projects done. They formed a bucket brigade of six and put a concrete roof on a large room.  They have tiled a bathrrom, assembling a donated swing set/jungle jim playground equipment piece with swings, slides, and tree-house with thousands of pieces, they said. It is coming together. The Lord has helped them with answered prayer right and left, many times with just locating key pieces of equipment that were there, but lost. They are depending on Him for strength and unity on an hourly basis.

The group has gone to the Casa de Hogar (Children's Home) and they all want to take a few kids home with them. They have seen so many impossible obstacles overcome by prayer, with many of them just moved to tears when the breakthrough comes. It has been an amazing witness and all the glory goes to Jesus.

The work started the day they arrived, with ministry in the evenings to kids in a variety of venues.

They play with the kids, flew kites, had snow cones and cotton candy too, which were well received by the kids. Saturday they all went to the beach and had a blast. Sunday was a great time of worship, beautiful fellowship and teaching from God's word. Sunday evening they did it all over again.

Continue to pray for the team as they are finishing up the trip, pray for a uneventful boarder crossing, pray for a safe return back. Pray for the work that has been started with the community that many will come to know Jesus through this work.

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Short Term Missions Trip- Hermosillo Mexico
Posted: 5/9/2013

Please continue to pray for the Hermosillo Short Term Missions Trip. The group has crossed the border this morning, along with all the items they brought with them, and they didn't have to pay any tax! God's hand has been upon them. The group will be working along side of our Missionary family the Roenspie's with projects such as: putting on a roof at the children's home, doing electrical work, installation of a work station in the kitchen for the church, installing tile in a bathroom, along with a few other projects. Keep them in prayer for strength and that the Lord will be able to get the projects completed.

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Missionary Update from Michael & Michell Pratt in Lviv, Ukraine
Posted: 5/7/2013

Warm Weather Evangelism Plans

With winter over we are busy making plans to hit the streets of L'viv to do evangelism. We have several teams coming this year. Plus we are making plans to do prayer station outreaches, musical concerts on the main square of our city center, as well as events aimed at the college crowd. Join us in prayer as we keep the people of our city in prayer.

Pratt's Mission plans 5/13/2013

Our Church is Growing

On Saturday nights we have our Koinonia Coffee House/Bible Study. We are almost finished with the book of Genesis. It has been a great study and time to get to know new people. We have 30 to 40 people each week.

Thursday night we are still offering free English language outreach. Recently we had another theme night and people dressed up like their favorite movie star. Sundays are going great too. We are working on putting audio and video into another room to use as an overflow room. We are at capacity in our big room and need to do something to fit more people. On Wednesday we are half way through a great bible study.

It is called "Instruments In the Redeemers Hands," and is based on a book and study guide with the same name. We are very pleased and thankful to God for all He is doing in our lives and church. We are thankful to all of you too, for your prayers, gifts and all the ways you help.

Download the current Newsletter

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Easter Service At Titan Stadium
Posted: 4/2/2013


Easter Sunday at Titan Stadium the entire church of Morningstar, close to 4,000 people, gathered together in one place to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Pastor Jack taught on the power of the cross and how to deal with honest doubt from John chapter 20 in his study titled "Making A Believer Out Of You." We had an amazing time of worship with Even Wickham, the Morningstar worship team, and the Children's choir. What a joy it was to celebrate together what our Lord Jesus has done for us.

If you could not join us, or you would like to watch the service again, you can find the video archive on our Morningstar Service Archive page.

Easter Service 2013
Pastor Jack Even Wickham

Click Here for the Service Archive page

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Morningstar Thrift Store Update
Posted: 2/1/2013

The Morningstar Thrift Store will be expanding it's hours and adding a new employee in February. Starting February 4th, the new Thrift Store hours will be 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Wednesday and Saturday, and 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Sunday.

MCC Thrift Store The new hours will help us to better serve our community and provide the body here at Morningstar with more opportunities to serve. If you would like to volunteer, please see the Chapel Store Manager or call the Church Office during normal business hours.

Aneglo De La Cruz will be assisting Steven Reeves in the day-to-day operation of the Thrift Store. Angelo is currently attending the Morningstar School of Ministry and will be graduating this year.

Please keep this ministry in prayer. Pray that the Lord would use the Morningstar Thrift Store to help meet the needs of the people of Whittier. Pray that the Lord would use our staff to reach the lost and minister to His children.

All proceeds from the Morningstar Thrift Store will be used to support the Growing Thru Grace Radio Ministry.

MCC Thrift Store
Morningstar Thrift Store on 16333 Whittier Blvd. Whittier CA. 90603

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2012 Christmas Shoebox Outreach
Posted: 12/23/2012

Working in conjunction with our supported missionaries in Hermosillo we collected over 800 gifts this year for the Shoebox Gift Outreach project. The gifts were delivered by the Morningstar team to our missionaries Jeff and Lilia Roenspie in the town of Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico. Jeff and his team distribute these gifts to 2 outreaches, an orphanage, and 5 churches. Please continue to pray for this outreach. Pray that the children would see the love of Jesus and that our Lord would receive the glory and praise for the work He is doing through His people.

To see Jeff give his report to the church at Morningstar Click Here

ShoeBox OutReach ShoeBox OutReach

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Morningstar Kids Sing at Children's Museum of La Habra
Posted: 12/10/2012

The Morningstar Kids Worship Team brought the joy of Christmas and the gospel message to the Children's Museum of La Habra for the second straight year. Along with singing traditional Christmas songs, they also performed a short skit, which told the audience of 75-to-80 people the importance of knowing Jesus. After the performance, the children, ages 4-to-12, handed out invitation flyers to the Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve services at Morningstar. Please pray this great opportunity will bring people into the kingdom!

MCC Thrift Store

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Morningstar's New Playground
Posted: 12/10/2012

On the week of Dec. 3, Morningstar Christian Chapel will debut a new playground for the young children (ages 2-5) who attend our regular church services. The new play set will replace the older one which is in back of the church's 2-story building for about 20 years.

MCC Thrift Store

Over the course of a week, about 150 different children typically use the playground. It's a good opportunity for the younger classes to give the children some fun time at church in between their lessons. May the Lord use the new play set for His eternal glory!

MCC Thrift Store MCC Thrift Store

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Latest News from Mexicali September 2012
Posted: 9/10/2012

We are looking to say good-bye to the grueling, hot and humid weather we have been having, but in the meantime, we thank the Lord for His goodness and faithfulness. Our church continues to see new faces and experience life conversions as the Lord moves by His Spirit, our family is doing well and Casa de Tesoros, our Home for needy families, is filled to its limit with families that are coming to know the love and care of the Lord Jesus.
Last week, we were able to purchase a fixer-up mobile home for a family who has come to live on what we call “the field of the fatherless”. This family took up camp on the far end of the field for two reasons: One, we needed to have someone there to occupy that area and keep the intruders out, and two, they wanted to be closer to the church in order to have their children participate in our school coop.

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Latest News from the Rosenpie's August 2012
Posted: 8/15/2012

Summer Teams—This summer has been memorable so far, for a few reasons. First, Hermosillo set a new record for high temperatures, hitting 119 degrees Farenheit in late June. Unfortunately, that was around the time we welcomed a team of 10 from Morningstar Christian Chapel (Whittier, California). Morningstar has been long-time supporters, working with us since we were in the Philippines. We were blessed to see a few familiar faces and some new ones!

They got right to work at the Children's Home, painting the new rooms and installing the electrical system. They also took time to do a special beach outing for the kids one day, and every afternoon, hosted a small kid's Bible Club (foto above). The children were thrilled with all the personal attention, great teaching, and fun games. They also found time to have a special birthday breakfast for Jeff! By the time they left, the directors determined they were ready to begin moving into their new facility, some- thing they thought couldn't happen until late July!

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Latest News from Intensive Care Ministries August 2012
Posted: 8/10/2012

Intensive Care Ministries    August 2012
Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,
Prayer  requests  for  Intensive  Care  Ministries  
(Inductive  Bible  study)

1.  Pray  for  Olga  (our  Russian  directors  wife)  who  just   underwent  surgery        yesterday  for  some  female  issues.  She  is  having  some  urinary  issues  now. Pray for  a   speedy  recovery.

2.  Pray  for  our  12  African  staff  workers  in  Kenya,   Uganda  and  Tanzania. They  will  conduct  about  15  IBS   seminars  this  month.

 3.  Pray  for  Yolanda  (our  South  American  Directors   wife)  who  will  undergo  knee  replacement  surgery  this   month.   4.  Thank  the  Lord  for  our  financial  situation  that  has   improved  greatly.

  Thanks  and  blessings  –  Dan

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Latest News from Oxford, England August 2012
Posted: 8/10/2012

Oxford, England                                                                                      August 2012
Dear Friends and Family,
With all the celebrations of the Olympics here in the UK, I couldn’t help but think of the above verses. May we all press on with Jesus and one day, by His grace, we will cross that finish line into the welcoming arms of our loving Lord!

Here’s a quick update and some prayer and praise:

***Oasis Outreach Oxford***
Last week Chuck spoke at an outreach for street people held each Monday at St. Michael’s Church in City Centre. This weekly outreach feeds a hot meal to the street people, or anyone who wanders in. Chuck shared his testimony and the gospel. There were just an handful of folks there, and a couple of them came up to him afterwards and they had some good conversations.

***JOY Place***

***Last month we asked you to pray for Katherine and Dennis, who is terminally ill. They are a couple in their 60’s and are caretakers for Katherine’s learning disabled sister. Katherine has asked for prayer. The thought of losing her husband is overwhelming to her right now.
We were so thrilled to see them back at our August JOY Place, this past week. Katherine asked if she and I could meet for coffee next week.
***Pray that our time together will be a time of refreshing and encouragement for her, in the love and power of Christ. Pray for Dennis. He is getting weaker and now walks with a cane. Please continue to pray for God’s grace and peace upon them as they walk through this dark valley. May they know the presence of Jesus, with every step they take, and may God strengthen and encourage them in His never-ending love and all sufficient grace.

***Dennis and Katherine asked us to join them in their church on Sept. 2, as it will be their 5th wedding anniversary and their pastor is going to pray over them and bless them. We feel very blessed and honored to have been invited.

***JOY Place PRAYER TIME***So Special!

Yesterday we passed the Bible around and each person who wanted to pray held the Bible. I was amazed how many people wanted to pray aloud and thank God or ask God for something. What a blessing that was!!

**As always we ask that you please continue to pray for this ministry. ***As well as praying for the learning disabled folks in our meetings, please pray also for the carers or family members who bring them. Most of them are not believers and have had little or no exposure to the gospel. Check out our website:

***Missionary Care***
Since several of the missionary families are traveling on furloughs or have their own family visiting during the summer months, we have not visited anyone this past month. But do continue to pray for the men, women and families serving the Lord here in the UK as overseas missionaries.


We post lots of photos on Facebook. If you are not on FB and would like to see these photos, just copy and paste this link and you will be able to view some JOY Place, Missionary Care, and personal photos of ours. 998.520422775&type=1&l=66aad48609


**Sept. 2, JOY Place **We are also in the “talking, networking, and praying stages” over more outreaches to the disabled community here in Oxford. Prayers appreciated. ** Chuck continues to produce, edit and announce for the radio program with Pastor Phil’s teaching.

Hope you all are enjoying your summer.

We are so thankful for your friendship, your prayers and your support of us in every way.

In His love and by His grace,

Chuck and Anita

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Latest News from Mexicali July 2012
Posted: 7/19/2012

Mexicali, Mexico
July Update
We celebrated the end of the school year last week with various presentations in which the children showed off what they had learned throughout the year. In reality, more than anything, our celebration was a time of tribute to our Lord Jesus, whose Word was weaved into everything that the children spoke, sung or dramatized. Truly these children are saturated with the Word of God and our prayer is that our family school will always keep the main school Book, the main school Book.
We wanted to get out a prayer request for Chela but just never did. She just got out of the hospital the other day. Her body did not respond as desired to the treatment she was taking since her diagnosis and hospitalization last year so she was hospitalized again and they removed her spleen, an organ where all the blood passes through and apparently where her platelets are being destroyed for some unknown reason. She came out of the operation well and is in rest and recuperation for one month. Our little Chela was a valiant soldier in the hospital, a sweet testimony of Jesus to those who cared for her.    It appears that through all this, the Lord Jesus, doctor of doctors, has performed an even greater surgery; He has given Chela a new heart.    Truly, all things work together for the good for those who love the Lord...
Dawn has also undergone some serious heart surgery through her knee ordeal. Her first operation was a success but she is nevertheless without a ligament, which has disenabled her to participate in sports, which is one of her greatest passions. After her operation, she was back up on her feet but she refused to accept her condition  ̈handicap ̈ and started playing soccer and volleyball with the same zeal as before and ended up falling and injuring herself several times.    Her last fall was quite a scare and the doctor said that when she recuperated in a few months, she needed to seriously consider having another surgery in order to replace her lost ligament. She  ̈came to her senses, accepting without hostility her lot in life... if you will ̈ and resigned as sports director in our school and stopped participating in any sports. Now the time has come to return to the doctor regarding her next operation. However, Dawn is extremely hesitant about having this operation, she is afraid that she will end up worse than she is now.
We would appreciate your prayers on behalf of Chela and Dawn, as well as for the different building projects for which we are seeking the Lord for direction.
Thank you for praying for us.
Thank you again for your prayers, we love you.
John, Laurie, Dawn and Brandi


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