1 Chronicles 1:1

1 Chronicles 1:1

Adam, Seth, Enosh,
1 Chronicles 1:1

For the first 10 chapters of 1 Chronicles, there are multiple lists of names. It starts here in verse 1 with no explanation, just Adam’s name. Then the lists go on and on. Why would the Holy Spirit put in all of these chapters full of names, chapters we most likely skip over as we read through the Bible.

One thing it shows us is that no one escapes the eye of the Lord. Many of the names listed have no explanation for them and no great feat done in their lives, yet God still notes them. God knows all of our names and everything about us.

Also, since the names start with Adam and will ultimately go through David, it’s a reminder to us the coming Messiah, Jesus, is a man, who came from the first man. A similar list can be found in Luke 3, while a genealogy starting with Abraham is listed in Matthew 1. Jesus is not only a Jewish Messiah, but meant to be the Chosen One for all mankind.

If you’re feeling left out, remember God knows your name and also sent His Son to die for you.

Child of God,

Pastor Ron Kitchell