1 Samuel 22:2

1 Samuel 22:2

And everyone who was in distress, everyone who was in debt, and everyone who was discontented gathered to him. So he became captain over them. And there were about four hundred men with him.

1 Samuel 22:2

Hiding out in the desert from King Saul, David drew many men to himself. Men who were discontented, in debt, and in distress. They left their old lives behind and they trusted in David. 

This is much like how we come to Christ. We leave our old lives behind with all of its worries and discontentment, and we fully trust in our new King. We cannot be in two camps, though. We cannot try to live in the camp of the world and in the camp of Christ. We cannot be one foot in and one foot out. It’s all or nothing with Jesus.  

Today, if you find yourself in the wrong camp, you can leave all your worries and discontentment behind. Jesus offers rest and new life. 

In the right camp, 

David Reeves