2 Timothy 2:6

2 Timothy 2:6

The hardworking farmer must be first to partake of the crops.

2 Timothy 2:6

From the above verse, we learn the farmer must labor at his task but then he is also to receive priority of its reward.

For the farmer, there is no such thing as quick fruit. He is in it for the long haul and it requires lots of labor: early morning to late evening. He must constantly toil in the soil: plow, sow, tend, weed, reap, store, and start over. He must have patience and fight the elements, pests, and diseases. It’s hard work with an eye on the reward, the prize, the fruit of his labor.

He does so because he has tasted of the reward, knows it is worth the wait, and it will all pay off in the end! (1Corinthians 15:58). Though the glamour may wear off, the diligence of the task will be fully compensated in the long run (James 5:7).

Remember this illustrative example as you set off to serve the Lord. It will be hard work. There will be days when it looks like you are losing ground, and face setbacks and disappointments. But press on, the fruit awaits and it is glorious!

Learning from the farmer,

Pastor Jack Abeelen