Job Openings

Media Coordinator – Full Time

The Media Coordinator will oversee and set the direction for the Morningstar website, Media/Videos and Social Media. Some of the specific responsibilities include:
  • Maintain a fresh and current look on the Morningstar Website
  • Take the lead on all updates and changes to the Morningstar website
  • Produce and maintain a fresh and current presence on Social Media (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc.)
  • Direct and produce weekly videos for services and online content. This can be, but is not limited to: Morningstar stories, video announcements, service and event highlights, ministry spotlights, outreaches, etc.
  • Coordinate media campaigns with staff and ministry groups
  • Organize photographers and videographers for church events such as baptisms, block party, Easter, church picnic, women’s and men’s prayer breakfasts and other events in order to produce material needed for fresh and up to date content.
  • Ministry minded
  • Communicate in a timely manner
  • Use creative and technical abilities to develop a vibrant media presence
  • Self motivated and reliable