Acts 27: 25

Acts 27: 25

“Therefore take heart, men, for I believe God that it will be just as it was told me.

Acts 27:25

The Apostle Paul often referred to himself as a “prisoner or bondservant” of Jesus Christ, completely bound and devoted to willingly serve his Lord. Here in this section of scripture, we find Paul serving Jesus as a prisoner of Rome. Caught in a raging storm, bound for Rome and his trial before Caesar, he finds not only his life but also the lives of everyone on the ship in danger.

In the midst of all that, he stands up and proclaims, “Take heart ,we’re all going to be ok.” Not because he saw land or a break in the storm clouds. No, it was because he had been praying and had heard from his God (Acts 27:23-24).

In times of great despair, we should stand out from the crowd as those who believe God’s promises, producing peace that circumstances can’t steal away. God’s peace will not only guard our hearts and minds, but will be an example to those who are seeking a safe harbor in the midst of their storms as well.

Pastor Doug Hardin