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Christ & Cancer Support Group

Then, by the will of God, I will be able to come to you with a joyful heart, and we will be an encouragement to each other. Romans 15:32
When we get together, I want to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by yours. Romans 1:12
Dealing with cancer is hard but you don’t have to do it alone. The Christ and Cancer Support Group is an offshoot of the Christ and Cancer Facebook page which serves as an online gathering place for those who have been touched by cancer. Sharing online can be quick, easy and helpful on a daily basis. But occasionally we need that face to face human experience. Occasionally we need to join together, hold hands, pray for each others needs and build each other up through the Scriptures.
Join us for a monthly meeting of cancer patients, cancer survivors, caretakers and family and friends as we stand together on our foundation of faith in Jesus Christ. Our desire is to encourage each other through the Word and our mutual experience of dealing with cancer.

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The Christ and Cancer Facebook page is a gathering place for people in our church and beyond to come together to share their unique stories of how both Christ and cancer have touched their lives: their moments of worry and doubt, their special insight and knowledge and, of course, their tales of victory in the Lord. Our prayer is that many will come to share what the Lord has done, and many would be encouraged.

“But you, O Lord are a shield for me. My glory and the One who lifts up my head. I cried to the Lord with my voice, and He heard me from His Holy hill. I lay down and slept; I awoke, for the Lord sustained me.”
Psalm 3:3-5

Christ and Cancer Facebook Page

First Tuesday of Each Month

Multi Purpose Room at 7:00 PM

Video Testimonies

Liz Espitia

Watch as Liz Espitia shares her testimony and how Christ got her through it.

Joseph & Desiree

Watch the video testimony with Joseph and Desiree and how they got through it with Christ help.

Peggy Rupple

Watch as Peggy shares her testimony and battle and how she over came it with Christ help.


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