Ezekiel 14:5

Ezekiel 14:5

That I may seize the house of Israel by their heart, because they are all estranged from Me by their idols.
Ezekiel 14:5

When the people of Israel had forgotten the Lord their God and replaced Him with the false idols of their hearts, God could have forsaken them; but He didn’t.

It’s interesting, because so often when we think of worshipping an idol, we imagine an ancient dude kneeling before a stone statue. We may fail to recognize that sometimes in our hearts, we are that ancient dude or dudette.

It is in our hearts that we establish idols in our lives. Any idea, thing, or person that takes the place of God and holds our trust is an idol. Praise the Lord that He will not leave us to slide away from the truth. If we have been unfaithful in our hearts, He will fight to win us back. He will seize us by the heart and will shine the light of His holiness upon us. He will convince us by our conscience of our need to repent. The Lord then stands with arms wide open, ready to forgive, heal, and restore.

Lord, show my heart to me. Help me to place all of my trust directly into your willing hands.

Jeff Deal