Growth Classes

Growth Classes

Growth Classes are four-week studies focused on a specific subject. They are held in between the breaks of the Men’s and Women’s Bible Studies. The pastors and elders of the church teach the studies. The next set of Growth Classes will be held in January.

These in-depth studies will help people grow in their faith as they study subjects in a more thorough manner than our regular Bible Studies. Some of the subjects
we’ve covered in the past have been Sharing Your Faith With Catholics, Studying the Bible, the End Times, the Canonization of the New Testament, Apologetics, a Children’s Ministry and Youth Training and many more.

Check your bulletins and the Morningstar app for when signups begin for the next set of Growth Classes and pray about how the Lord might use them to strengthen your walk with the Lord.

If you have questions, please call Pastor Ron at the church office at (562) 943-0297.