Luke 19:13

Luke 19:13

“So he called ten of his servants, delivered to them ten minas, and said to them, ‘Do business till I come.’”
Luke 19:13

One of the major problems people have in this life is procrastination. We figure out when something is due, gauge how much time it will take to do this activity, and wait until the very last minute to start. We spend the rest of the time pleasing ourselves or goofing around.

That is not how the Christian life should be led. We should always have the mentality that the deadline we face is imminent and there is no lack of work to be done. In the above verse, Jesus was telling a parable to a group of people who thought God was going to take over, ruling and reigning on the earth right away. Jesus’ direction to them was don’t worry about when the Lord’s coming back, just stay busy until He does.

Maybe you look around the world and feel hopeless about everything that’s happening. You crave for the Rapture to happen and for Jesus to return. Well, He’ll be back, but until that time, don’t be hopeless and lazy, be busy! Jesus will come and change the world, but He wants you to do your part and help in building His kingdom.

Working while waiting,

Pastor Ron Kitchell