Married Couples

Married Couples Fellowship

The Married Couples Fellowship is a ministry provided to help grow healthy marriages through the teaching of God’s Word and encouraging one another through various fellowship opportunities. Marriages are one of the enemies greatest threats which is why they are so attacked within the church. This ministry is designed to help us fight for our marriages as we seek Jesus together and learn how to apply the Word of God to help cultivate a healthy, godly marriage that the Lord can use to glorify His great name!

We typically meet once a month in the Multi-Purpose Room from 5:30pm to 7:30pm on a Saturday evening where we spend some time fellowshipping, worshipping, studying and often have a dinner or dessert available. Occasionally we meet off-site for something special but all the events are listed in the bulletin several weeks before the day of the event. Most events do have childcare available for children that are potty trained.

Please keep an eye out for all up-coming events where you can find all the details pertaining to each individual event.