Media Ministry

Media Ministry

Throughout the Old Testament, God through His prophets cried out to the people telling them to hear the Word of the Lord. Here at Morningstar, we place a great emphasis on teaching the Word of God. With the teaching of God’s Word being the centerpiece of every service, it is the responsibility of the Sound Ministry to use the tools and equipment that God has provided to enable all to hear.

In addition to providing support for the Main Sanctuary and overflow room, the sound team is responsible for recording each service and providing the audio feed for the video team. These recordings are used for the Morningstar Service Archive page, the Chapel Store, and for the Growing Thru Grace Radio and Video programs.

No Experience, No Worries

Regardless of your background or experience, the most important qualification is having a willing heart to serve. God begins with a call, then He provides. Not all are called to serve in this ministry as is true with any other area of service. Serving in this ministry requires technical skill, an understanding of music, a keen sense of hearing, and good communication skills. Ears are the most important instrument that a sound technician has. The lead technician must be capable of setting the stage, troubleshooting issues, and properly mixing the sound. We are not simply mixing the sound for the body, A good sound person must also be equipped to listen to the musicians and provide for their needs, set proper levels, individual EQ’s, and mix monitors for each performer so that they may work together as a team to lead the body in worship and praise.

Other Areas of the Ministry

It takes a team to make the Media Ministry run smoothly and effectivly.  With many moving parts, there is something for everyone and all you need is a willing heart and be teachable.

Video Tech

The video tech is responsible for running the cameras during service so that those watching at home may be blessed by what is going on at Morningstar.


The Projectionist is responsible to running the slides during worship and making sure that what is on the screen is presentable and right on cue.

Live Stream Sound Tech

Similar to the sound tech in house, this person is responsible for delievering the best quality sound to those who are watching at home.


Do you have a passion for taking photos? Join the media ministry to caputre those moments before and after our service and during those special events.

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