Message: “Israel’s Restoration” from Jack Abeelen

Message: “Israel’s Restoration” from Jack Abeelen

Jack Abeelen - July 5, 2009

The Watchman And His Message

Chapters 31 and 32 are God’s prophetic words to Egypt saying to the Egyptians that their nation will be invaded by the Babylonians and that the glory of their kingdom will be taken away. Chapter 33 is God’s words to Ezekiel telling him that he has been made a watchman to warn the people of Israel of the coming judgment. As a watchman, God was going to hold him responsible to warn the people hoping they would heed the warning and turn to the Lord.

Scripture References: Ezekiel 32:1-32, Ezekiel 31:1-18, Ezekiel 33:1-33

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