Message: “The Divided Kingdom” from Jack Abeelen

Message: “The Divided Kingdom” from Jack Abeelen

Jack Abeelen - February 5, 2006

In the Days of Wicked Ahab

The final chapters of 1 Kings chronicles the wicked king of the North, Ahab. Notoriously, he covets a vineyard owned by one of his subjects, Naboth, which prompts his ungodly wife, Jezebel, to concoct a murderous plot to kill Naboth in order to secure the vineyard for her husband. The book ends with the death of Ahab on the battlefield, which then sets up the book of 2 Kings and the ongoing ministry of Elijah.

Scripture References: 1 Kings 22:1-53, 1 Kings 21:1-29, 1 Kings 20:1-43

From Series: "1 & 2 Kings 2005-2006"

Through the Bible- 1 & 2 Kings. Taught on Sunday Nights at Morningstar Christian Chapel by Pastor Jack Abeelen.

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