Nursery Ministry

Nursery Ministry for babies under 2 years of age

The Nursery Ministry provides childcare for babies under the age of 2. Trained nursery personnel are on staff to care for the children and allow the parents to attend service without distractions. It is meant to care for the physical needs of the children and to minister the love of Jesus.

There are two different Nursery rooms, one for infants (non-walking) and one for toddlers (walking). The infant room provides baby swings, age-appropriate toys, and items to help the babies on their path to being upright and walking. It is located in Room 1 and available at both Sunday Morning services, along with the Wednesday night 7:00 PM service.

The toddler room provides many more toys, along with a child slide and easy-to-read and understand books. It is for children already walking and is located in Room 2. It is available at all services.

Parents are also provided a sign-in card for their baby just in case there is a need to call the parent out of service. For the safety of the child, the baby will only be returned to the same person who signed in the child.

Other notes on the Nursery: Morningstar’s Nursery employs a “No sick kid policy” which is No Fever, No Runny Nose, No Runny Eyes, No Cough, and No Congestion. If your child has allergies, please provide a doctor’s note. The reasons this policy is in place is to stop illnesses from spreading through the nurseries.

All toys are disinfected after every service.

The only snack provided is plain Cheerios. Please let the workers know if you do not want your child having this snack.

Though men and women serve in the nursery, only the women are allowed to change diapers.

As a parent, you should always feel free to stay in the nursery with your child. Only Nursery staff and parents of the children are allowed to stay in the Nursery during service.