Exodus 20:15

Exodus 20:15

You shall not steal.

Exodus 20:15

Why should we not take what isn’t ours if we need it? Why should it be okay to own something that someone else is excluded from? Why is there such a system in place that doesn’t free us to have whatever we need? Why do some people get to have more than others; how is that fair? Those are good questions, questions that have been raised for a long time that philosophers and governments have pondered.

For God to command all men not to steal is to insinuate the right to personal property — the right to own or possess something that is solely yours to own and use where no one else has access to it unless you, the owner, permits. God saw it fit to order a world where hard work is rewarded.

This system is designed to free a man or woman to enjoy the fruits of their labors and it is built into man to delight in their work. My wife loves making desserts and she works hard to make some more complicated stuff. The harder the dessert to make, the greater the reward when it is completed. There is then an even greater blessing or reward when she voluntarily chooses to share that dessert with others, so they can delight in it.

Without the ability to possess or be rewarded, there would be little desire to achieve. With no desire to achieve, there would be little to possess. With nothing to possess, we then lose the ability to bless by giving. Stealing robs us from the freedom to achieve, possess, and give in a way that satisfies the soul. Therefore, work hard, enjoy the fruit of your labor, and bless others as you have the opportunity.

Pastor Jason Witt