Exodus 20:16

Exodus 20:16

You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

Exodus 20:16

It was Pontius Pilate who said, “What is truth?” Truth is everything, for without truth everything falls apart. Without truth in your marriage, the relationship disintegrates. Without truth in your business dealings, you’ll eventually find yourself bankrupt as you are deemed untrustworthy to do business with. Without truth, we could not know God.

Truth allows us to operate more freely and make better decisions. Lies take away from our freedom and lead to bad decisions. Lies lead you to waste time and lead you to false conclusions about things or people. Truth is what allows a society to function well, for without it, chaos will ensue. Look at the political climate today where no one trusts anybody.

To speak lies about someone, to tell tales about yourself, to paint things in colors they shouldn’t be painted, will always destroy, because the father of lies is always seeking to steal, kill, and destroy.

Seek the truth, speak the truth, and live by the truth, for that is the path to life.

Pastor Jason Witt