Matthew 5:21

Matthew 5:21

“You have heard that it was said to those of old, You shall not murder, and whoever murders will be in danger of the judgment.’

Matthew 5:21

In Matthew 5:21 Jesus begins to address the true issue at hand in regards to our sinful deeds. Each action He addresses begins in one place: our heart. He’s never pleased with the sinful action but He is far more concerned with what’s going on in our heart that leads up to that action. If we address the deeper issues then the actions may not have a chance to take place.

One of the best examples I have ever heard is that of an iceberg. That peek of the iceberg that we see emerging from the water is simply the result of what has transpired over time underneath the water. The peek of the iceberg isn’t even the problem ships would worry about. It’s an indicator. We don’t know the size, the density, or depth, or any other details about the iceberg, all we know is that there is a bigger issue underneath the surface. 

We are no different. When we sin publicly, or privately, that is essentially just the tip of the iceberg. The reason for that sin lies much much deeper than what is visible to the naked eye. Jesus speaks to that in Matthew and tries to help us see that He is concerned with the condition of our heart more so than anything else. If our hearts and eyes were fixed on Him then our actions will follow that lead.

May we be transformed by the renewing of our hearts! Allow the Lord to continue to mold and form you into His image. So that when He is finished we will lack nothing, being fully complete in Him.

Greg Schroeder