Message: “From Adam to Saul” from Jack Abeelen

Message: “From Adam to Saul” from Jack Abeelen

Jack Abeelen - April 30, 2006

From Adam to Saul

The book of 1 Chronicles, as its name implies, gives us a record of the early history of the nation of Israel dating back to the beginning with the creation of man, namely Adam. Included in this historic record are the unconditional covenants that God made with man and kept plus the temple worship all for the reason that man might know God and have a relationship with Him.

Scripture References: 1 Chronicles 4:1-43, 1 Chronicles 10:1-14, 1 Chronicles 3:1-24, 1 Chronicles 9:1-44, 1 Chronicles 2:1-55, 1 Chronicles 8:1-40, 1 Chronicles 1:1-54, 1 Chronicles 7:1-40, 1 Chronicles 6:1-81, 1 Chronicles 5:1-26

From Series: "1 & 2 Chronicles 2006"

Through the Bible- 1 & 2 Chronicles. Taught on Sunday Nights at Morningstar Christian Chapel by Pastor Jack Abeelen.

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