Message: “The Fall of the South” from Jack Abeelen

Message: “The Fall of the South” from Jack Abeelen

Jack Abeelen - April 9, 2006

The Fall of the South

118 years after the fall of the North, the Southern Kingdom began to fall. After the death of good king Hezekiah, his son, Manasseh began to reign. We are told that this man did more than any other king to sink the people into idolatry. In fact we are told that Manasseh seduced the nation into more evil than the nations whom the Lord destroyed under the leadership of Joshua. The study concludes with Pastor Jack looking at the last good king Josiah and the reforms he brought about. After he is killed in battle, the Southern Kingdom’s remaining kings were all evil who ushered in the demise of Jerusalem.

Scripture References: 2 Kings 24:1-20, 2 Kings 23:1-37, 2 Kings 22:1-20, 2 Kings 21:1-26, 2 Kings 25:1-30

From Series: "1 & 2 Kings 2005-2006"

Through the Bible- 1 & 2 Kings. Taught on Sunday Nights at Morningstar Christian Chapel by Pastor Jack Abeelen.

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