Message: “Job’s Final Words To His Critics” from Jack Abeelen

Message: “Job’s Final Words To His Critics” from Jack Abeelen

Jack Abeelen - January 21, 2007

Job's Final Words To His Critics

In these chapters, we hear the last of the speeches from Job’s three counselors, specifically Bildad. Then Job responds with many words. In chapter 28, he asks where true wisdom comes from pointing to the fact that man can dig deep into the earth and locate precious metals, but true wisdom eludes him. This wisdom can only be found by fearing the Lord and departing from evil. In spite of all the charges made against him by the three men, Job continues to defend himself saying that the cause of his suffering and loss was not the result of his wrongdoing.

Scripture References: Job 31:1-40, Job 30:1-31, Job 29:1-25, Job 28:1-28, Job 27:1-23, Job 26:1-14, Job 25:1-6

From Series: "Job 2006-2007"

Through the Bible- Job. Taught on Sunday nights at Morningstar Christian Chapel by Pastor Jack Abeelen.

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