Message: “Lampstands, Scrolls, And Charriots” from Jack Abeelen

Message: “Lampstands, Scrolls, And Charriots” from Jack Abeelen

Jack Abeelen - February 14, 2010

Lampstands, Scrolls, And Charriots

Some have said that Zechariah is the book of Revelation of the Old Testament because of its many visions and prophecies that pertain to the time the book was written and also to the future end times. We looked at some of those visions and prophecies in the previous study. The remaining ones are in chapters 4-6. The ones in the last chapters of Zechariah are more direct, less difficult and provide great insights. The visions are for the most part interpreted by the Angel of the Lord with Zechariah, which requires us to follow biblical constancy for proper interpretation.

Scripture References: Zechariah 6:1-15, Zechariah 5:1-11, Zechariah 4:1-14

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