Psalm 66:18

Psalm 66:18

If I regard iniquity in my heart, The Lord will not hear.

Psalm 66:18

            People have a tendency to believe once we’re saved, God just lets us do whatever we want. They would say, “Aren’t we saved by grace? We can’t work our way to heaven and we’re no longer under the law, so God’s good with us no matter what.”

            While it’s true if we’re truly saved, we can’t lose our salvation, we can hinder our relationship with God by our sins. When our hearts are set on our iniquity, God will not hear our prayers at that time. What a terrible situation to be in! One of the great things about being a Christian is knowing God hears my prayers and answers them.

            If there is a sin in your heart that you haven’t let go of, you might have noticed you prayer life isn’t going as well as it used to. Give that sin to the Lord, accept His forgiveness, and restore your relationship with God. 

Hear my prayers!

Pastor Ron Kitchell